If you live in an area that uses daylight saving time and standard time, you might know all about them. You might be one of the many who set their clocks back when the right time of the year comes. You may also have heard, however, that there is a petition that calls for ending standard time altogether, and of keeping daylight saving time as a system to follow the whole year round. When it comes to this, you might be for it, as it has a lot of benefits involved. Here, then, are the benefits of ending standard time.
1. No more setting clocks backward. Maybe you live in an area that switches between the use of enddaylightsavingtime.org and standard time. If this is so, you might sometimes feel confused, and your system may not easily get used to the change of time. What is more, setting all of your clocks every time there is the need to switch is not something that is easy, especially if you are a business owner, and own a large place with a lot of timepieces. You might feel that if standard time is done away with, things will become so much simpler for everyone than they might be today.
2. Daylight saving time is used 2/3 of the year. You might know that most of the year, the system that is used in your part of the country is enddaylightsavingtime.org. During the other 1/3, it reverts back to standard time. If a system is used very often, then, you might feel that it is only natural that it become the standard, and the confusion is done away with. This is why you might totally agree with the petition to end standard time.
3. It is beneficial to people of many walks of life. There are many people who do not like switching their clocks back and form, and some of these are farmers. You might know that farmers always get up at the same time each day, with the sunrise, no matter what their clocks read. The switching of time, then, might be irrelevant, if not inconvenient, for them. When you decide to be for the petition for the end of standard time, then, you can be sure that from it, a lot of people will be able to gain greater convenience.
These, then, are some things you should know about this petition. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time